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Full Versions (FREE): Tely 10 Cross Training and Cardio Strength Training Programs

The Tely 10 is believed to be one of the oldest road races in North America.  This year’s 85th running of the race is Sunday, July 22nd at 8:00 am.  If you are setting your sights on running this race, it’s getting to be just about the time to start your training.

The NLAA Tely 10 website has a great training schedule for the race: Tely 10 Training Schedule.  Included in this schedule, are cross-training days.  Cross-training is basically any type of activity which supplements your main activity (in this case – running).  Cross-training has benefits for everyone from beginners to experienced long distance runners.  According to an article in http://running.about.com, some of the many benefits of cross-training include: helping to balance your muscle groups, preventing injuries, preventing boredom, allowing you to maintain or even improve your cardiovascular fitness, and even allowing you to train with certain injuries.

With this in mind I have put together a couple of programs to help you meet your goal of reaching the start line of the Tely 10, and of course getting to the finish line. If you’re not an existing member, click the link below to get free instant access to the complete programs contained in the remainder of this post:

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The 1st program is a kettlebell strength training program, which is the perfect activity for your cross-training days.  It is very versatile, you can vary the number of times you repeat the circuit to fit the amount of time you would like to cross-train.  Thus, it allows you to gradually build up and will also allow you to taper your program.

The 2nd program is a kettlebell cardio training program, which is perfect for those days when the weather is miserable and you cannot get out for your training run.  This program turns your kettlebell workout into one which challenges your aerobic and anaerobic systems.  I used to tease my husband during the training for a half marathon a number of years that you never know what the weather will be like on race day, so get out there and embrace the elements.  That being said, there are days where an alternative is required.

Training with kettlebells is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular endurance.  The way in which the kettlebell is designed lends itself very well to cardio weight training.  The most effective way to do this is by training with intervals.  That is, performing a particular exercise for a set period of time, taking a short period of rest and then returning to a work interval.

While you would not want to replace every run with an interval kettlebell workout mainly focused on cardio, it is a great alternative on those days when the weather is absolutely miserable.  It is also a good option if you a nursing an injury and are sidelined for a few days.  Since kettlebell training is much lower impact then running, you may still be able to perform kettlebell training without aggravating your injury.

I hope you enjoy these programs and I wish you injury-free training and a fantastic race! Good luck!

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Total-Body Fat Blasting Circuit

If you are not already a current PyrometRx member, you can register for free to access this workout program.
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Sample Warm-up Routine

Woman Running Up StairsI know we have all been guilty of being pressed for time and immediately jumping into our workout whether it be a strength/resistance training program or our cardio workout. I readily admit that even 5 years ago, I would have gotten to the gym and immediately jumped into my strength-training program.

However, as Sir Francis Bacon famously said, “knowledge is power” and in this case quite literally.

What is a warm-up?

Quite simply put, a warm-up is the process to get yourself mentally and physically prepared for the work you are about to do. By taking just 5 to 10 minutes to adequately warm-up you will ensure you have a much more effective, efficient workout, while significantly lowering your risk of injury. [Read more…]